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The Stains On Your Ceiling Or Dripping From Your Bathroom Vent May Not Be From A Leaky Roof!

If you notice brown or yellowish stains on your ceiling, it is likely from water dripping from your ceiling.  But this does not mean your roof is leaking. 

There are two reasons for this:  

1. Condensation in your attic – When heat escapes through the insulation and into your attic in the winter, if it is cold enough, it can freeze and form icicles.  When the weather gets warm again, the ice melts and drips down to the ceiling.  This causes water marks on your ceiling.  

The Solution Is Simple: 
•  Either the soffits are plugged up or the vapour barrier around the lights and vents needs to be built up.

•  In any case, you should have someone look at it to make sure it is not a leak.  If it is just condensation you probably want to get that fixed because you are losing heat from your house.

2. Condensation in your vent pipes
– If water is dripping from your bathroom or kitchen fan, it is likely the moisture going up from your fan froze in your pipes due to the cold weather.  Water starts dripping when the weather turns warm and the ice melts.  

The solution to this might just be to:

•  Reinforce the insulation and the vapour barrier around the pipes.

If you are also getting cold air blowing down from the fan it might be worthwhile to reconfigure the vent pipes so your house stays warmer.  

Give us a call and we’ll check it out for you. 


  • Letter Of Recommendation From A Calgary Roofing Client

     May 25th 2014

    To whom it may concern

    As a result of hail damage, we recently had both roof tiles andeaves troughs replaced by Nova Roofing and Exteriors. The work undertaken was a great success and we were extremely pleased.

    The Company Principle, Stefan Thormoset made an initial visit to my home some months ago to discuss the work. He was most helpful and provided excellent advice on all aspects of the work and documentation. Prior to work commencing, he was againmost helpful in advising on suitable tile colouring.    

    The roofing team arrived on time and worked quietly and efficiently to complete the re-roofing of our home within the two day period allocated. The team were friendly and took great care to minimise inconvenience to us while work was underway.

    The second phase involved replacing all the old eaves trough. In addition, a substantial proportion of the cedar trim had to be replaced and this proved to be an especially arduous job. Nevertheless Geoff and his team worked diligently to remove all the old wood and apply new cedar, with an excellent result.Finally, every effort was made to thoroughly clean up after work was completed.

    We strongly recommend Nova Roofing and Exteriors to any future client as a company that can be trusted to complete an excellent job at very reasonable rates.

    Yours truly,

    Nicholas & ​Sylvia Worthington​​​​